Photomotive Arts | About

I have been taking pictures since receiving my first camera as a high school graduation present.  I started my professional career as an attorney, while continuing photography on a part time basis.  

Several years ago, I became involved in animal rescue work.  Being a photographer, I took the pictures of the rescued animals to be posted online, when they were placed for adoption.  Upon seeing the joy expressed in the faces of the adopted animals and their new “forever families”, I began to take their ‘post-adoption’ pictures as well.

I came to realize that a dog’s expression can say far more than a person’s words.  Dogs live in the moment, and in those moments express their feelings with a single look.  As for cats, I love them, and I especially love to capture those times when cats and dogs are together in peace and affection.  Those moments tell a story of the love and devotion that define their relationship with you.

The rest is history.  Soon after, I decided to become a full time photographer and have never looked back. I live with both cats and dogs and love them all.

My philosophy is simple.  Moments are fleeting, but photos create a permanent memory.  Capturing and preserving those moments are my passion and my goal as a photographer.  I look forward to telling your story.